6x3 Feather Edge Fence Panel

6x3 Feather Edge Fence Panel

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Enclose your garden with that simple sense of definition you've been hoping for using CFP's unpretentious yet solid 6x3 Closeboard Feather Edge Fence Panels. Our easy to install and easy-on-the-eyes design is dip-dyed to give you a 10-Year Anti-Rot Guarantee you can trust, along with an uncluttered modern feel that comes without sacrificing strength or longevity! Three horizontal batons complete the picture.

All our standard feather edge fence panels have:

  • Sawn Feather Edge Fence Panel
  • 10 Year Anti-Rot Warranty
  • Four batons to the rear for extra strength
  • Supplied Dip-Treated

Detailed Specification

Size: 6' x 3'
Height: 3' / 914 mm / 36 inch
Width: 6' / 1829 mm / 72 inch
Thickness: 40 mm / 1.57 inch
Cladding: Feather Edge
Treatment: Dip treated
Guarantee: 10 years

10 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee