6x5 Decorative Fence Panel

6x5 Decorative Fence Panel

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Get 15 Years of Guaranteed Rot-Resistance with CFP's 6x5 decorative European Style Trellis Top Fence Panels. The striking looks of this highly ornate fence panel make the perfect border. Green pressure treatment means you get a full 15 YEAR Anti-Rot guarantee, along with a dome top fence design that adds a graceful touch to any garden.

All our decorative fence panels have:

  • Attractive trellis dome top
  • Smooth woven horizontal boards
  • 15 Year Anti-Rot Warranty
  • Green tinted pressure treated

Detailed Specification

Size: 6' x 5'
Height: Height: 5' / 1524 mm / 60 inch
Width: Height: 6' / 1829 mm / 72 inch
Thickness: 40 mm / 1.57 inch
Cladding: Straight horizontal boards
Treatment: Pressure Treated - Green in colour
Guarantee: 15 years

15 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee