6x2 Feather Edge Fence Panel

6x2 Feather Edge Fence Panel

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Surround your allotment or garden with the low-key border you need using CFP's simple, affordable, and rot-resistant Feather Edge Fence Panels. Our smallest model - 6x2 panel with 4 horizontal batons is the petite yet elegant solution that gives you the fence you need, with a dip-dyed water-based finish that ensures 10 Guaranteed Years of strength!

All our standard feather edge fence panels have:

  • Sawn Feather Edge Fence Panel
  • 10 Year Anti-Rot Warranty
  • Four batons to the rear for extra strength
  • Supplied Dip-Treated

Detailed Specification

Size: 6' x 2'
Height: 2' / 610 mm / 24 inch
Width: 6' / 1829 mm / 72 inch
Thickness: 40 mm / 1.57 inch
Cladding: Feather Edge
Treatment: Dip treated
Guarantee: 10 years

10 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee