6x4 Overlap Fence Panel

6x4 Overlap Fence Panel

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Strike a balance between quality and economy with CFP's 6x4 line of overlap fence panels. These waney or larch lap panels add a great touch to almost any property and keep your project under-budget to boot. Designed to give you an economical solution, we haven't cut corners where it matters most! You still get a dip-dyed honey coloured finish and fully Guaranteed for 10 Years of Rot-Resistance.

All our overlap fence panels have:

  • Straight edge overlap boards
  • 10 Year Anti-Rot Warranty
  • Honey coloured dip-treated
  • Three batons to the rear for extra strength

Detailed Specification

Size: 6' x 4'
Height: 4' / 1219 mm / 48 inch
Width: 6' / 1829 mm / 72 inch
Thickness: 40 mm / 1.57 inch
Cladding: Straight overlap boards
Treatment: Dip treated - honey in colour
Guarantee: 10 years

10 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee