6x4 Decorative Fence Panel

6x4 Decorative Fence Panel

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Add a touch of character to your property, with CFP's 6x4 Trellis Top Fence Panels. Our 15-Year Anti-Rot Guaranteed Panels allow you to easily construct a decorative fence on a budget without compromising strength and give you the level of character and detail you've been wanting. Beautifully balanced between the woven board bottom and the lattice dome top This panel rises to a full 4', and strikes a nice middle ground between privacy fencing, and visual openness.

All our decorative fence panels have:

  • Attractive trellis dome top
  • Smooth woven horizontal boards
  • 15 Year Anti-Rot Warranty
  • Green tinted pressure treated

Detailed Specification

Size: 6' x 4'
Height: Height: 4' / 1219 mm / 48 inch
Width: Height: 6' / 1829 mm / 72 inch
Thickness: 40 mm / 1.57 inch
Cladding: Straight horizontal boards
Treatment: Pressure Treated - Green in colour
Guarantee: 15 years

15 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee